Seeing Double


Sonakshi Sinha Lookalike Goes Viral


Being compared to a celebrity, particularly a famous Bollywood one is an everyday thing for London-based Priya Mukerjee, considering she looks so much like Sonakshi Sinha.  


Priya, who’s Instagram handle goes by the name of ‘Priya_Mukherji’, is unsurprisingly a massive fan of the ‘Dabangg’ actress. Her social media posts are full of updates about Sonakshi, with her retweeting stories about the actress and promoting her movies in any way.


She also chooses to wear identical clothes to Sonakshi, picking saris similar to what the 27-year-old has previously worn.


Because of her remarkable resemblance to the actress, Priya herself gets her fair share of event invites.


“It feels great, I love her. It’s like being compared to my sis. We are alike 🙂 even if not 100% in looks but everything else matches.”


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