Get ready to embark on a journey of exploration, innovation, and collaboration at the Building The Future Careers Fair and Construction Summit, proudly sponsored by South and City College Birmingham, Willmott Dixon, and The Young Leaders Club. This transformative event is set to revolutionise perceptions of careers in construction while bridging the gap between aspiring young minds and industry professionals.
Scheduled to take place on Friday 17th May 2024, the Building The Future Careers Fair and Construction Summit isn’t just another event—it’s a dynamic experience designed to inspire and educate individuals of all ages. Here’s what attendees can expect:
Students aged 11-13 can look forward to an Interactive Career Wall, an immersive visual presentation that connects school subjects to various construction roles while providing insights into potential earnings. They will also have the chance to experience the world of construction firsthand through hands-on activities and exhibits designed to spark passion and curiosity. In addition, they will have the opportunity to mingle with past recipients of the Building the Future Awards and gain valuable insights into various career paths within the industry.

For Industry Leaders & Stakeholders:

Throughout the day, attendees will witness the synergy between young explorers and industry veterans, shaping a brighter future for construction. We are thrilled to have the deputy leader of Birmingham City Council, Sharon Thompson, who will be along a distinguished list of panelists. The event aims to spark inspiration in young minds while energising industry leaders with innovative solutions.The summit features four insightful panels, each addressing critical issues and shaping the future of the industry.
Attendees will witness the synergy between young explorers and industry veterans throughout the evening, as they shape a brighter future for construction. The event aims to inspire young minds and energise industry leaders with innovative solutions. The summit will feature four insightful panels, each addressing critical issues and influencing the future of the industry. In addition, esteemed industry exhibitors including Willmott Dixon, Kier Group, and HS2 (High Speed Two) Ltd, among others, will be present to showcase their contributions and engage with attendees.

About South and City College Birmingham:

South and City College Birmingham is one of the UK’s largest further education colleges. It offers a wide array of courses and apprenticeships designed to help individuals reach their career goals. The college provides high-quality education and technical and vocational training to young people, adults, and employers aiming to up-skill their workforce. Courses range from entry-level to degree qualifications, and all campuses are located throughout Birmingham.

About Willmott Dixon:

Willmott Dixon stands as a leading entity within the construction and property services sector. With a steadfast commitment towards the delivery of sustainable and environmentally-friendly projects, the company continually pushes the boundaries of what is possible within the industry. Striving to drive positive change, Willmott Dixon is dedicated to transforming the industry norms and setting new benchmarks for excellence. Their progressive approach to construction and property services is not only redefining the industry standards but also contributing significantly to a more sustainable future.

About The Young Leaders Club:

The Young Leaders Club is a dynamic and proactive organisation committed to the empowerment of young professionals. It places a strong emphasis on nurturing and developing leadership skills, firmly believing in the potential of the youth as the future leaders of various industries, including the construction sector. The club’s mission is to not only teach leadership principles but also to install confidence and encourage innovative thinking among its members, ultimately enabling them to shape the future of their respective fields.

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