A behind-the-scenes video has been released for Keith Khan’s The Accountants, Factory
International’s upcoming and latest production. The production is set to premiere at Aviva
Studios, Manchester, running from Saturday 4 May – Saturday 11 May 2024.
In the video, one of the choreographers for the dance production, Terrence Lewis delves into
the creative process behind the upcoming production, unravelling the intricacies and
inspirations that shaped its dynamic narrative and captivating choreography.
Lead Artist and creator, Keith Khan articulates his visionary concept for the production,
detailing the journey from conception to realisation, weaving together elements of cultural
exploration and multimedia innovation to breathe life into the stage.
The Accountants by Factory International presents a clash of cultural titans, China and India, in
a multimedia stage extravaganza. The World Premiere production will be combining dance by
Terence Lewis and Xie Xin, alongside a transnational soundscape and innovative video design.
Kash voiced by Shobna Gulati (Coronation Street) and Liam voiced by Josh Hart, exchange
the cultural expectations of British Indian and British Chinese heritages through text and voice
Set to a soundtrack by ARIAS-nominated sound artist Somatic, with visuals by
Manchester-based studio idontloveyouanymore, the spectacle unfolds on stage from 4th May
The Accountants premieres at Manchester’s landmark new cultural space Aviva Studios,
from 4th May to 11th May 2024. Book your tickets at factoryinternational.org.


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