England Exit Euro 2016

By losing to one of the smallest nations in world football, England has caused an upstir.


England have become the bane of all hilarity after they lost against Iceland, 2-1, eliminating themselves from Euro 2016. They may never live this defeat down, especially as it came straight after the Brexit vote of the EU referendum.

Following their exit, in a tweet sent after the match, Cardinal Napier referenced Britain’s vote to leave the EU, writing: “Even (England’s) soccer eleven has withdrawn from Europe!”

Omar Abdullah, an Indian politician tweeted: “England needs a new PM, a new opposition leader AND a new football coach. Jeez, talk about having a bad week.”

England most definitely had a bad week but the most mournful aspect of it all was that the England players bottled it once they got to the reality of the situation, once they realised that they couldn’t dig themselves out of losing.

Jamie Carragher labelled England’s players “too soft” following their exit from Euro 2016.

He said: “Too soft. The more I think about England’s humiliation against Iceland, the more those two words come into my mind.

“This is what England’s players have become. The Academy Generation – for that is what they are – are soft physically and soft mentally.”

It seems England has become the joke of the year, possibly even for more than that. How will we live it down?


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