Zee TV Gives Back


Why there is more to Zee TV than the latest Bollywood blockbuster

AS ONE of the leading entertainment channels for the world’s burgeoning South Asian population, you’d be forgiven for thinking there was nothing more to Zee TV than the glitz and razzmatazz of Bollywood.

The channel is one of the world’s leading Asian entertainment channels broadcasting a variety of popular programmes in homes from Newcastle to New York.

But while the channel has its duties to the millions of worldwide subscribers who tune in day and night, there are another group of people who are benefiting from the charitable arm of the entertainment giant.

Earlier this year Zee TV teamed up with the Nargis Dutt Cancer Foundation, named in honour of the late Bollywood actress who died from cancer in 1982, as well as the Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation, which provides value-based primary education to tribal and other underprivileged communities in rural India.

The channel feels it has the responsibility to “give back to the South Asian community”, says Subroto Bhattacharya, CEO for Zee TV USA, and supporting charitable organisations is key to this commitment.

This month saw Zee’s charitable drive continue when it teamed up with CRY America, a charity that works towards ensuring the basic rights of underprivileged children.

The project, ‘My Vision and Dream for Children’, invites the public to express their dreams for children through paintings, poems, essays, songs, photographs, photo-essays, short films, and statements and slogans.

“Illiteracy, child labour, malnutrition, preventable diseases and gender discrimination are injustices faced by millions of children. But not for long we hope. Because no matter how long or difficult the journey – if each one of us believes in doing what’s right, then we will create a better world for children,” said Shefali Sunderlal, President, CRY America.

The initiative with CRY America is important for Zee TV in its bid to engage in a more charitable way with its worldwide audience.

“Zee TV feels a corporate responsibility to help charitable organizations and give back to the South Asian community in ways that promote health and happiness,” Mr Bhattacharya, head of Zee TV USA reveals.

“Our partnerships with global organizations mean that not only will immediate affects be felt in small communities, but the fruit of our efforts will have a lasting impact on behaviours and attitudes around the world for years to come.”


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