Pharmacy in Ramadan patient care initiative


Co-Operative Pharmacy supporting fasting Muslims

A LEADING pharmacy is extending their award-winning Ramadan campaign to help British Muslims manage their medicines during the forthcoming fasting period.

The Co-operative Pharmacy won best Clinical Service at the 2009 Chemist & Druggist Awards for their Ramadan initiative in which they offered advice and support to British Muslims on their medicine intake during last years Ramadan.

This years month long fasting period is expected to take place at the end of August and while those who are ill are exempt from fasting, many who take regular medication continue to observe the fast.

More then 79 Co-operative Pharmacies located in areas with a high proportion of Muslim customers across Britain, have been specially trained to offer a free tailored “medicines check” service in the run-up to Ramadan.

Pharmacists will be able to identify patients who may need support and advice during the month of Ramadan.

“Last year we were able to support a significant number of Muslim people intending to fast during Ramadan and we are delighted to have extended the number of stores offering this service,” said Adrian Price, The Co-operative Pharmacy’s Clinical Services Manager. 

The initiative is also being backed by the Muslim Council of Britain.

A spokesperson for the organisation said: “We welcome the effort by The Co-operative Pharmacy and will recommend it to our communities living locally, the other local pharmacists can also offer appropriate advice when contacted.”


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