An ex-boyfriend, identified as Ziaur Rahman, exerted control over his former partner by making her life unbearable. Despite being in prison, he called her up to 200 times a day to dictate her actions, including when to pray and what to wear. Rahman also threatened the woman with harm if she tried to move on with her life. This behavior continued even after he had been previously jailed for causing serious harm to her. Despite a restraining order, Rahman persisted in contacting her from HMP Birmingham. 

The woman, fearing for her safety as his release date approached, reported him to the authorities. Rahman was subsequently arrested shortly after his release from prison.

Rahman, of Holford Drive, Perry Barr, admitted one count of stalking and three offences of breaching a restraining order. On Friday, April 19, at Birmingham Crown Court he was prisoned to five years. 

Prosecutor Clair Harris stated Rahman had been ‘controlling and abusive’ in the relationship which ended in 2021. His former partner was granted a non-molestation order by Birmingham family court but he forced his way into her home and subjected her to a sustained physical attack.

Rahman was convicted of inflicting grievous bodily harm and was jailed for three years and seven months. A restraining order was also granted. 

Ms Harris said: “While serving his sentence he telephoned the complainant on a mobile phone every day. Initially she received about 20 to 50 calls but it escalated to in excess of 100 to 200 calls a day. He was angry and aggressive. 

“He was particularly angry if she tried not to answer the calls. He was also being controlling about what she wore and praying at particular times.”

During one incident, Ziaur Rahman threatened his former partner by stating he would “put her in intensive care” if she tried to move on with her life. The victim expressed her fear that Rahman would harm her if he showed up at her residence, leading her to seek refuge with her family. 

She suffered from sleepless nights and believed that Rahman’s ultimate aim was to isolate her. In her impact statement, the victim mentioned feeling constantly watched and disregarded by Rahman, who showed no regard for court orders. 

In defense of Rahman, Chloe Ashley highlighted his employment history at Balfour Beatty infrastructure firm and his academic achievements, including a degree from Birmingham City University. She also noted his involvement as an active member of the Bearded Broz group, which was recognized with a Pride of Britain Award in 2020 for their community projects in Smethwick following the Grenfell disaster.

Ms Ashley explained Rahman suffered a ‘crisis’ after the death of his baby son with his partner and when he lost his job due to ‘economic pressures’. He also went through a number of other family bereavements. Ms Ashley added: “He knows it is no excuse and he tells me he is sorry.” 

However Justice Tipples concluded she could not give ‘much weight’ to Rahman’s education, employment and volunteering work given the ‘repeated’ nature of his offending. She said: “It’s plain from reading (the complainant’s) statement she lives in fear of what you may do to her. 

“You have made her life intolerable and she has suffered physically and now mentally as a result of your conduct. Having being assaulted by you before she is frightened that could happen again in he future. She remains frightened and has struggled to cope with the impact of this persistent contact with her.”


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