Together Again

Andy Murray welcomes back Ivan Lendl as a coach in time for Wimbledon.


Andy Murray and Ivan Lendl are together again. For many of Murray’s fans, this is a very good news, coming two weeks before Wimbledon. Murray has had 10 coaches in 11 years on the Tour and Lendl, by far, has been the finest.

Their reunion comes after two years since their split, in March 2014, which was not the mutual farewell and handshake that it was depicted as.

It took Murray a number of months to get over their split more than two years ago, however Lendl didn’t take as long. When they started working together, just before the Australian Open in 2012, Murray said that he hoped Lendl would be his coach for the rest of his career.

He has to be sure of his mentor’s commitment this time.

At Queen’s, whilst preparing to defend the title he has won four times, Murray said: “Hopefully it will be for a long time, from my side. He’s coming over, he’ll be here for the tournament and it’s good for him to spend a bit of time with the rest of the team as well to see how things work out. But, provided everything’s good, it will hopefully go on for a long time.

“The most successful period of my career was while I was working with Ivan. He’s single-minded and knows what it takes to win the big events. I know what he can offer. The experiences he had psychologically helped me in the major competitions and they’re obviously the events I’m trying to win and am competing for. I hope he can bring that same experience and those same benefits that he did last time.”


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