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Shay and I celebrated our 10 year registry wedding anniversary recently and have been inundated with questions about how we have managed to stay happy for so long. The truth is we haven’t! It would be a lie to say that over the 10 years of our marriage we have always been smiling and happy. Throughout it all we have been together and with each high and each low our strength has been each other.

Happiness is relative – some define it by the amount of money in the bank whereas others define it by their children and family. You as a person need to understand what makes you happy before you can make someone else happy and this is why Shay and I have a successful relationship. I understand that her needs of happiness and mine can at times be different and so we always work together to achieve each other happiness.

No one said sharing your life with someone would be easy but the key to a successful relationship is understanding and honesty.

I feel happier being with Shay a lot of the time but I know she is a social butterfly who also likes to spend time with her friends and family. So we maintain a balance and give each other time to do what we want together or apart.

If we were happy all of the time we wouldn’t value it whereas going through the ups and downs of life allows as a couple to reflect on what makes us happy together.


A decade with one person is a long time but I can honestly say it’s been the best decade of my life. Being with Sunny for all of my 20’s has allowed be to grow into the woman that I am and my experiences in our marriage have shaped me as a woman.

Staying happy all of the time would be impossible but being with your best friend through the hectic things in life allow you to remain level headed. We have had some fantastic moments in our relationship but that doesn’t mean we haven’t had downs too. Being happy means that we are happy through it all together.

If you have a time in your life where you need a friend wouldn’t be great for that friend to be your husband or wife? The one confidant you can trust? No matter what happens being which each other through it all is what counts and that to me defines true happiness.



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