Plans have been approved for a new centre for the homeless in Wolverhampton.

The Good Shepherd Resource Centre will move to a new site in Waterloo Road where it will offer up to 30 overnight shelter spaces for rough sleepers.

The move spells the start of a new partnership with Enterprise Homes Group – which includes the Wolverhampton Church Shelter.

It will also see the Good Shepherd’s daily food service for the homeless, previously based at Darlington Street Methodist Church, run from the new base in the city centre.

“We are pleased that our application to move premises has been approved by Wolverhampton Council, and can now proceed with the necessary work required to complete the move,” said Tom Hayden, operations manager at the Good Shepherd.

“We remain hugely grateful to Darlington Street Methodist Church, where we have been based since 2003, but unfortunately we have now outgrown that premises in terms of the services that we need to supply.

“The new resource centre will allow us to provide so much more support as we address poverty and homelessness, including not just the much-needed food service but also clinical and counselling space to provide health and wellbeing advice, and training to help people into employment.

“The new link-up with Enterprise Homes offering overnight shelter ties in with our joint vision of becoming a ‘one-stop shop’ to support people from homelessness into temporary accommodation whilst meeting their health needs and providing opportunities for them to gain the skills and knowledge needed to become self-reliant.


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