Why You Look Just Fine…And Why Your Favourite Beauty Blogger Might Not

…and that beautiful girl that inspires you might not


Like many girls, I enjoy make up and skincare as a way to look nice, present the best side of myself, boost my confidence and take nice pictures for Instagram.

However it cannot be ignore d that many young girls, who are getting smartphones and tablets at ever earlier ages and hence access to youtubers, beauty gurus, make up blogs and Instagram models, are being flooded with an unnatural and disingenuous version of beauty, and are being lied to about what is achievable through make up.

There are a number of secret cheats which online beauties use to mask flaws and make their tips seem more effective than they really are. The aim of every guru has always been help teach the millions of young, poor, broke girls sitting at home how to juggle the many facets of makeup. However, what does it mean when these same instructors are employing covert techniques and online trickery to make themselves seem more flawless than they are?

Mobile Apps

You might be able to tell when someone’s applied an Instagram filter, but it’s likely your eyes have glossed over a whole heap of online adjusting and tweaking that was done in a mobile app. Apps like Perfect 365 allow users to change not just lightness and brightness, but eye size, skin colour, lip size, skin smoothness, nose shape and more.

If ramped up to 11, it can be easy to spot, however many users will only make slight adjustments which allow their faces to look flawless whilst still natural.

Camera Functions

Some cameras, though few not many, come with a so called ‘Beauty’ function that blurs imperfections before even taking a picture, meaning pictures can be uploaded straight away with no tweaking whilst still looking flawless.

YouTube Filters

Perhaps the most shocking and IMPORTANT to be aware of is the secret Youtube filter. One youtube make up vlogger, Wayne Goss, blew this trick into the spotlight when he caught a makeup technician using digital trickery on a model to create a flawless face. For a split second the filter snapped off and Goss caught shadows, freckles, and- gasp– normal human skin.

The filter, which he termed ‘living Photoshop,’ increases brightness, creates glowing, smooth, even toned skin and blurs imperfections- in real time.

Many gurus use it whilst claiming their beautiful skin is thanks to an amazing product, their genius skincare routine, their dexterous make up application, and they tell their viewers that they can get the same results. Meanwhile the extremely powerful real time video manipulation’s results are of course impossible to recreate in real life.

Plastic Surgery

Even in the West, plastic surgery is still taboo, however whether you’re pro-plastic-surgery or anti-plastic-surgery, beauty gurus should not be lying about their perfected features to their trusting viewers. Gurus, bloggers, instagrammers, have had all types of surgeries, whether they be small eyelid surgeries, subtle nose jobs, Botox or even jaw shaving.

So what should I do?

Take their looks with a pinch of salt. Employ make up techniques that work for you. Buy skincare products that work for you. And remember, you don’t need real-time beauty filter function surgery, your face is your face, so you’re already the most perfect version of yourself!





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