Healthy Ramadan Tips


Celebrating Ramadan, whilst rewarding, is no easy feat. It can be hard staying healthy and energised and ensuring your water level stays up to prevent both physical and mental illness, such as muscle pain and depression.

Here we provide you with a number of tips to stay safe and healthy during this year’s Ramadan.


Sehri should include a high amount of protein and carbohydrates in order to maximise the amount of energy available for the rest of the day before Iftari. Milk and yoghurt is a great bet for nutrients and healthy gut flora, whilst rice, bread and meat will provide protein and carbohydrates whilst also being filling and tasty.


Fried food is a popular choice for breaking the fast come evening as it is filling and delicious, such as samosas, bolani, nombu kanji (rice and dhal porridge), though many also opt for dates which rapidly release energy and chicken cutlets. Another great source of protein can come in the form of eggs, lentils and whole grain foods.


After the fast ends, try and intake as much as eight glasses of water. Many choose ice cold water as it is more soothing for the throat and stomach. There are various apps to keep track of the amount of water ingested in order to help regulate water intake.







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