Hundreds of Pounds Go Missing from Tesco Bank Accounts

Tesco Bank customers have been made victim by malicious fraudsters

Credit: Mankind 2k

Tesco Bank current account holders have been targeted by fraudsters, with something losing up to hundreds of pounds.

According to the bank, the anti-fraud systems had picked up on “suspicious activity” on customer accounts and said some cards had been immediately blocked as a precaution. It is thought that less than 10,000 customers have been affected, but those that have been have lost up to hundreds worth of pounds.

Alan Baxter, just one of the many Tesco Bank users affected, said he lost £600. He added:

“Tesco said they couldn’t offer me emergency funds but would offer £25 as a goodwill gesture. I’ve got food and petrol to pay for. I have a delivery of coal coming tomorrow for our coal-fired heater and I won’t be able to pay.”

Many customers took to twitter to voice their complaints, both about the fraudsters and Tesco Bank themselves for their handling of the incident. One user tweeted: “£600 missing from 2 accounts. 2 hour queue and no answers as to why. Being handled appallingly.”

In accordance with The Financial Conduct Authority, the bank must refund any unauthorised payments immediately unless the customers was at fault.


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