Tanveer Iqbal Trial Update

The Murder of Smethwick Shop Owner sees new details revealed in trial

Tanveer Iqbal

Music producer and father of two Tanveer Iqbal was murdered by strangulation, the court heard. His body was stuffed into a box meant for a wide screen TV then put into his car boot. The incident occurred in Edgbaston.

His mistress Zatoon Bibi, 37, and her husband Gul Nawaz, 44, both deny murder which is said to have occurred at her home on Bridgeburn Road in January.

According to trial details Bibi was allegedly causing trouble between Iqbal and his wife, the trial heard Bibi sent a sexual video involving Iqbal to his wife.

Miss Sally Howes QC previously said Iqbal had “an unconventional and complicated domestic arrangement” and that his wife was aware of Iqbal’s relationship with Bibi.

Bibi lured Iqbal to her house with the promise of a birthday cake, her husband Nawaz was waiting as the pair were preparing to kill Iqbal. The jury was told that Nawaz was captured on CCTV on Roway Lane, Oldbury “purchasing items including blue heavy duty rope, two pairs of non-slip gloves and a 10-metre roll of reinforced silver Gaffa tape.”

Bibi was also seen on CCTV entering Iqbal’s car and manoeuvring it so the boot was facing the front door.

The trial has currently come to an end for now, Judge Mark Wall announced that something came up over the weekend that he cannot share but stalls the process. He stated, “I am hoping that the time will come soon when we can get on with it.” The jury were sent home as a result.



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