Death of The Boxing Champ

Muhammed Ali’s death causes many to fall into grief as they recall his greatness, several people paying tribute to him.


The three-time heavyweight champion, Muhammed Ali, who is also known as “The Greatest” died on Friday 3rd June, at night, aged 74 after a long hard battle with Parkinson’s disease.

Millions of people across the world were deeply saddened by his death, paying tribute through social media. His pictures and quotes covered the face of social media as people tried to recover from the loss of the legend.

Amir Khan issued a statement following Muhammed Ali’s death,

“It is extremely sad to witness the passing of boxing’s greatest fighter and icon Muhammad Ali. I would like to send my deepest condolences and thoughts to his family at this time. No fighter or sportsman will ever reach the level of Muhammad Ali, whose name will continue to echo through the ages. Inspiring, charismatic, a true legend – Ali will never be forgotten. Having the chance to meet the great man will be a memory and privilege I will always hold dear to me – an incredible human being, fighter and role model. Thank you Muhammad for inspiring us all.”

Bernie Sanders, who is fighting Hillary Clinton for the right to face Trump in November, said on Saturday that Ali was not only a leading athlete but also a champion of civil rights, and a true believer in Islam.

She said: “To all of Donald Trump’s supporters who think it is appropriate to tell us that they love Muhammad Ali but they hate Muslims, understand that Muhammad Ali was a devout Muslim who took his religion very seriously.”

Louisville grieves the loss of its beloved champion. Since the news of Ali’s death, people across the city have united to reminisce one of the city’s best-loved sons and to boast of his victories.

During a two-hour service at King Solomon Missionary Baptist Church, Assistan Pastor, Charles Elliot III asked the congregation to stand in honor of Muhammed Ali. In his tribute, Elliot said: “there is no great man that has done more for this city than Muhammed Ali.”

Ali arose from a tiny pink house in Louisville’s west side to develop into the most renowned man in the world. By the time he was done, he had altered the Louisville of his youth, from a segregated, provincial city to a city that now boasts unity.

His childhood neighbor, Lawrence Montgomery said: “Not just Louisville but the whole world.”

Mr Montgomery spoke on his front porch saying: “I remember him telling me: ‘I’m gonna be the heavyweight champion of the world. You watch.’ And I just laughed because he was a skinny kid.”

He added: “I guess that skinny kid showed me.”

He showed the whole world, through his mannerisms, charisma and dedication.



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