Duo accused of hiding victim cleared

Men walk free due to ‘lack of evidence’

TWO MEN accused of helping hide the body of an honour killing victim have been cleared.

Dashti Babaker, 21, and Amir Abbas, 31, walked free from the Old Bailey after the judge ruled there was insufficient evidence against them.

They had been accused of helping in the honour killing of Banaz Mahmod who was killed and buried in a suitcase in the garden of a Birmingham house.

Dashti Babaker, cousin of Banaz, and his friend Amir Abbas, were alleged to have joined the plot in order to curry favour with community elders.

Babaker, 21, of Redcar Street, Camberwell, south east London, and Abbas, 31, of no fixed address, both denied perverting the course of justice and a separate count of “preventing the lawful and decent burial of a corpse”.


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