Britain’s First Asian Golfer

Britain's First Asian Professional Golfer Spalding signs to Shehneela Ahmed

Britain's First Asian Professional Golfer Daanyal

Britain’s First Asian Professional Golfer Daanyal Spalding signs to Shehneela Ahmed
Daanyal Spalding who is (18) from Birmingham, turned professional in March 2013 at the age of 15, now on the verge becoming one of the biggest British Asian golfers in the world.

Daanyal was born in Hall Green, Birmingham on January 25, 1995. This was also the same year that Daanyal’s hero Tiger Woods entered his first major Masters championship. Little did anybody know what the new born baby Spalding would one day become.

Shehneela gave her thoughts on signing Daanyal Spalding – “I’m delighted to have signed Daanyal, after lengthy talks with his family and advisors – Daanyal could be a future star for sure, he’s talented and a unique role model for many Asian youngsters across Britain”. said Shehneela Ahmed.

Daanyal Spalding could be poised to share space in the upper echelon of the game. goes to show, young golfers might have been inspired to play golf because of Tiger Woods ascendance, and have, in turn, provided a fertile crop of future stars.

By the time Daanyal turned 4 years old, he was already taking junior lessons at the world famous Belfry Golf Club. It was here that he won his first tournament 6 years later – the 2005 Junior Club Championship. Daanyal is of a mixed heritage background. His father Ronnie, hails from Edinburgh in Scotland while his mother Ruby, comes from much humbler surroundings of Sialkot in Pakistan. Passionate golfer Ronnie, who manages a golf store, has been the biggest influence for Daanyal since he could walk.

Daanyal’s childhood dream finally came true in March 2013 when he became a fully-fledged professional Golfer. He made his professional début at the Jamega Professional Golf Tour at the Burnham and Berrow Golf Course. All the hard work and sacrifices had paid off. Daanyal knows all too well however, that this is just the start of his journey.

Looking to the future, Daanyal would like to be a role model for young Asian golfers and instil in them the same level of determination, ambition, hard work and sacrifices that he himself has always had: his proud father Ronnie said:

“I am extremely proud of my son. His dedication to his sport through all these years is awe inspiring and is an example to all.”

Ronnie also spoke admirably about Daanyal’s character, saying: “Daanyal has faced many setbacks along the way, including injury and surgery, but has stayed strong and focused on his goal. This shows strength of character and an inner belief.” “It takes a lot of hard work and practice, you have to dedicate your life to it and make a lot of sacrifices, but if that’s what you enjoy doing then it’s worthwhile doing.” said Ronnie Spalding.

Britain’s future golfing prowess will owe much to getting young people interested in the sport as early as possible – some of those young sportsmen and women could go on to become this country’s golf stars of the future – perhaps even turning out for the European Ryder Cup team. Golf is a vital part of the fabric of our nation, and we will continue to capitalise on the benefits of the game for years to come. It is essential that we build on this support past school age to ensure young talent is nurtured right through to possible professional level.

In contrast, Daanyal’s inspiring golf career could be inspired by many across United Kingdom – thousands of young boys and girls across Britain probably thinking “That could be me in a few years.” some of those young sportsmen and women could go on to become this country’s golf stars of the future, perhaps even reaching the pinnacle of their career at The Open and playing for the European Ryder Cup or Solheim Cup teams.

In years to come, Britain can be a world golf superpower – we can be future of the game as well as the ancient home of golf, for Daanyal comparisons have even been made between him and world-class golfer Rory McIlroy. Daanyal the young birdie is set to soar as high as an eagle.


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