A mother has been found guilty of forcing her 17-year-old daughter to marry a relative in Pakistan.

The defendant persuaded her young daughter to come on a family trip to Pakistan, by bribing her with a new mobile phone.

Once they had arrived, the mother admitted to bringing her in order to get her married and threatened to destroy her passport if she did not comply.

The jury at Birmingham Crown Court heard the teen had sobbed through the ceremony and was then left alone in Pakistan with a groom almost twice her age.

The teen, who cannot be named in order to ensure her anonymity, soon contacted a friend and was able to raise alarm. The family division of the high court then summoned the mother and she was brought to trial.

The defendant denied all charges and claimed no ceremony had taken place. She later admitted to lying under oath but insisted that her daughter was happy in Pakistan and was staying on her own accord.

However, In a letter to the judge, the teenager wrote: “I think my mother sold me for a British passport. I’m scared to go back to Pakistan. I hate it there.” Proceeding the letter, the 45-year old mother of four was found guilty of forced marriage and perjury.


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