BCCI chief refuses to step down


India’s Cricket Board Chief Srinivasan refuses to step down

Reports out of India this morning suggest that N Srinivasan will not step down as president of the BCCI despite calls from the Supreme Court of India for him to resign. The Court want Srinivasan to step down in order to enable a fair investigation into matchfixing at the IPL and say that they will be forced to pass an order if he does not comply. However, according to Indian news sites, BCCI vice-president Shivial Yadav has said Srinivasan will not step down. “BCCI will wait for the top court’s order to decide its future course of action,” Yadav told NDTV.com. Srinivasan is maintaining that he has done nothing wrong and that he can not be forced out of the BCCI.

England take on India at the Women’s World Twenty20 today with both sides looking to bounce back from surprise defeats. England were beaten by West Indies on Monday after collapsing from 80 for 2 to 124 for 9 when chasing 133, while India lost be 22 runs to India. There are no men’s fixtures today, while England are next in action tomorrow against Sri Lanka at Chittagong


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