Meet & Greet Charity Fundraiser with Maher Zain

A unique collaboration between Penny Appeal & Awakening Records


On Friday the 25th of November 2016, international humanitarian charity Penny Appeal hosted ‘An Evening with Maher Zain’, the first ever charity dinner event with the singer in the UK. The dinners were held over three consecutive dates in London, Birmingham and Manchester, entertaining over 1500 people. Funds raised at the charity dinners will be instrumental in helping orphans and vulnerable children worldwide.
The world famous singer and songwriter, Maher Zain, entertained the crowd and performed hit songs from his third album “One”. The award winning, faith-inspired artist performed live to his audience in a sophisticated and stylish setting, which captured the essence of the show.
The events each featured a live set, a full three course meal, and an interview with the man of the moment. The audience were graced with the presence of Sarah Joseph OBE, editor of Muslim Magazine EMEL, who was on hand to interview Maher Zain.
The Q&A session gave an insight into Maher’s life. He explained how he was on to the the edge of mainstream music success, but felt uncomfortable with many aspects of the industry.
As a result, he decided to embrace spirituality alongside his music – it was then that other doors opened for him. Since then, he has made musical history, and is one of the most successful artists in Malaysia and Indonesia, where he out-sells the likes of Adele and Justin Bieber.
Certain tickets also entitled select members of the audience to the full Meet and Greet


experience, allowing fans to know their idol, with an opportunity for CD signings.
Aamer Naeem, Chief Executive Officer for Penny Appeal said, “Maher Zain is bringing people together to enjoy songs, enjoy a three course dinner, and fundraise for a worthwhile cause at the same time. We are honoured to be hosting him at these exclusive events.
“We must never lose hope with the destitution and poverty across the world, we must make a change. Here at Penny Appeal, alongside Maher Zain, we are working to inspire positive change for the future.”
Shaykh Abul Hasan, Founder of Awakening Records commented, “Working with the Penny
Appeal team was a real pleasure. Maher and Awakening look forward to collaborating in charitable endeavours with Penny Appeal in future, too. It was heartening to see the level of support that Maher’s fans gave those most in need in our society.
Five Orphan Homes will be built because of the generous donations, giving many orphaned and vulnerable children the care they deserve. Additionally, through separate donations across the three dates, Penny Appeal received support for 188 Orphan Sponsorships.
It was certainly a night to remember, not only for its significant fundraising achievements, but also for high quality entertainment. The event was a great success and Penny Appeal are determined to continue to cater for vulnerable orphans the love and care they need to thrive.
The humanitarian charity continues to build wells, deliver urgent medical aid and healthcare, provide nutritious meals, open schools, orphanages and mosques and provide vulnerable orphans the love and care they need to thrive.
The event was a great success and Penny Appeal are determined to continue to cater for vulnerable orphans the love and care they need to thrive.


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