Younus Khan “deeply hurt” by match-fixing allegations


“I play my cricket for pride not money”, says departed captain

YOUNUS Khan has revealed he was “deeply hurt” by allegations of match-fixing that made him resign as Pakistan captain yesterday.

The 31-year-old stunned the world of cricket when he stood down from his post as captain amid unfounded claims of match-fixing levied against him and his team at the recent Champions Trophy in South Africa.

Younus accompanied members of the Pakistan Cricket Board to a meeting of the parliamentary sport’s committee in Islamabad yesterday to explain losses against Australia in the final group game and New Zealand in the semi-finals.

The meeting was arranged following allegations made by Jamshed Dasti, chairman of the Standing Committee on Sports in the Pakistan Lower House.

Just days after Pakistan suffered a five-wicket semi-final loss to New Zealand, he alleged Pakistan deliberately lost the match, as well as intentionally losing to Australia in the final group game “just to keep India out of the tournament”.

Despite no evidence to suggest Pakistan deliberately threw the matches, Younus said the “painful” allegations left him with no choice but to resign as captain.

“These last few days were torturous and the allegations hurt me no end,’ Younus told AFP.

”Ever since we returned from South Africa, I was hiding from people as if I have committed a crime. It was painful because I played my cricket for pride, for my country and not for money. It was the limit and being an honourable Pathan (Pashtun), I felt I must resign. It’s not an emotional decision. I am badly hurt,’ he added.

“Ever since I have taken over as captain I have sacrificed a lot. I took the team with me, the management with me, but this is the limit and now it’s up to the Board to decide on my resignation.”

Pakistan cricket chief Ijaz Butt said that while he would attempt to convinceYounus to resume his captaincy, he admitted the allegations had deeply affected theTwenty20 World Cup winner.

“Younus’ life got disturbed after these false allegations, his family members – including his brother – are also not talking to him,” Butt told AP.


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