Rehman to open Foundation for British Asians


Football star wants to see more Asians in football

FOOTBALLER Zesh Rehman has revealed he will open his own foundation in May to help British Asians get into football.

The Bradford City captain made history in 2004 when he became the first British Asian player in the Premiership when he was at London club Fulham.

Now he hopes to help other aspiring Asian footballers reach the top levels of the British game. 

“The foundations aim will be to raise the aspirations of kids,” Rehman told BBC Asian Network. “It will be to get them to do something positive using the power of football.”

Rehman knows just how hard it is for players from minority backgrounds to get recognised in the game.

But the Pakistan international says, even if those who join his foundation do not become professional players, the aim is to help them get involved in football in some way or another.

“Hopefully, they’ll see that they can get involved with a football club or in an activity that can encourage them to better themselves in whatever they choose to do,” he added. “They don’t necessarily have to become footballers as within football there are hundreds of jobs.

“They can become involved at groundsman level, as a kitman, in the finance department or media department. There are lots of opportunities available to them.”


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