Kanoute in gambling row


Muslim star refuses to wear logo

Muslim football star Freddie Kanoute has refused to wear his team’s playing kit saying he is against gambling.

The former Premiership star who plays for Spanish side Sevilla, covered up the logo for gambling company 888.com when he played in the Uefa Super Cup against LA Liga ginats Barcelona.

He has told the club he will only wear a shirt without a logo as he is not prepared to advertise something that goes against his strong Muslim faith.

He told the Daily Mirror: “Gambling is the work of Satan. It is forbidden by the Koran and I will not play in a shirt that promotes it.

“According to the Koran, drinking alcohol, gambling, worshipping idols and lotteries are the Devil’s tools,” he added.

“You will only prosper as a man if you obey the rules. Satan is trying to create enemies of God and uses these weapons to recruit his army.

“That is why I have told the club that I must have a pure shirt. I believe they understand my position and why I have to do this.

“They have agreed to what I have asked and will let me wear a shirt without this logo.”


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