School children have just gone back, and parents are being shamed on social media for illegally parking during the school run.

Parking officers from Walsall Council have been deployed across the borough to crack down on the shoddy parking on Tuesday, September 3.

Parents are parking their vehicles on double yellows and even grass verges as they battle to get their children to school on time.

Bell Lane, Yew Tree Road and Brook Lane are just some of the roads that have experienced problems.

Some of the parking has even been branded ‘ridiculous’ and ‘shocking’.

A spokesman for the council said: “Back to school will also mean some shocking parking at the school gates.

“Enforcement officers and schools are watching your drops, so you don’t cross the yellow lines.

“Illegal parking can make the school day hazardous for kids. Getting through the school gates safely is every child’s right. That’s why our schools are watching, and our parking officers are enforcing.

“’Keep clear’ markings mean what they say!”

Those pictured will have received a penalty charge notice of up to £70, a spokesman added.

The Highway Code already forbids parking, waiting or dropping off on yellow zig zags outside schools.

Dudley Council will  be using a camera car around schools, which photographs cars that stop on yellow zig-zags and will be issued with a fixed penalty notice.

Over the past 12 months 349 penalty notices ordering people to pay up to £70 each time, were issued to drivers who had parked illegally around schools.

The council’s traffic boss today said illegal parking is one of the key priorities and the safety of children around schools must come first. The council also encourages children to walk and cycle to school safely while keeping the roads moving for vehicles.

Councillor Karen Shakespeare, cabinet member for environmental, highways and street services, said: “Illegal parking around schools, and across our town centres, is a big issue and people need to understand that indiscriminate parking will result in a parking fine.

“We are currently looking at the zig-zag markings outside schools to make sure they are in the correct location and cover the school entrances to make them safe for children arriving and leaving school. Stopping on the yellow zig zags will result in a fine.

“Parents should be mindful of where they park as the school term begins this week. We all have a responsibility to keep our young people safe.”



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