Drug dealers have been dealt a blow after officers raided a huge cannabis farm in the Black Country. Growing around 2,000 illicit plants at an address in Owen Road.

Members of the Cannabis Team swooped on an address in Owen Road, Willenhall.

Two people who were primarily in connection with the operation, discovered on Friday 20th July, have been released without charge.

Police tweeted a picture of approximately 20 large bags full of detained plants which will be destroyed.

A force spokeswoman said: “We discovered just under 2000 plants at an address in Owen Road, Willenhall, in the early hours of Friday 20 July.

“A 26 and 28-year-old were arrested on suspicion of cultivating cannabis.

“They have both been released with no further action.”

Cannabis factories are being discovered on a daily basis in all kinds of properties from council flats to million pound pads.

Officers discovered the illicit set-up in a flat when they went to, a 13- storey block in Druids Heath, on July 16.

WMP Force Support Unit tweeted: “D unit-Bournville. Early hours arrest attempt at Pleck House, Winterbourne Croft, Druids Heath. Suspect not present but a cannabis factory was. So a sort of result.”

The specialist team has published tips to help residents identify a possible cannabis factory in their neighbourhood.

The advice includes looking out for blacked-out or constantly covered windows, a strong and sickly-sweet smell and high levels of heat and condensation.

Other signs include watching out for frequent and varied visitors at unsociable hours, a constant ventilation humming sound, equipment and supplies being carried into the property.

Finally, there may be electricity problems or an increase in bills.


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