A student committed suicide at his family home in Wolverhampton and was found by his mum on April 29.

Viren Patel, aged 17, a keen mathematician and musician was found hanged, Black Country Coroner’s Court heard on Thursday.

Viren was described by family and friends at the inquest as a ‘bright and lovely boy’ who was ‘polite’ and popular at school.

He attended the Stuart Bathurst School in Wednesbury and was exceptional at maths and wanted to study accountancy.

He also loved music and was a talented dhol drum player.

Viren’s family said he was doing well at school and, apart from the occasional exam-related stress, there had been no concerns for his welfare.

He had a happy family and school life.

His mum found him after she returned from temple on the afternoon of his death.

Neighbours reported they heard him playing his drum at around 1pm that day.

No suicide notes were found and there was nothing found on Viren’s social media accounts to suggest he wanted to harm himself, the inquest heard.

The cause of death was given as Asphyxia, due to hanging.

Recording a verdict of suicide, Zafar Siddique, the senior coroner for the Black Country, said: “I cannot imagine the horror a mum would go through, discovering her son in those circumstances.

“This is one of the saddest cases I have ever had before me.

“Viren was a bright and talented boy with his whole future ahead of him.

“He was a talented musician but was also doing exceptionally well at school.

“There had been no arguments with his family and no breakdowns in relationships with friends or a girlfriend.

“He appeared happy and there is no evidence to suggest otherwise.

“But I have to weigh this up against his intention that day.

“I have explored whether this could have been a cry for help or whether Viren took any substances which may have affected his state of mind that day.

“But there is no evidence of this.

“Sometimes young men do find it difficult to open up and express themselves.

“I believe that if you are going to perform a physical act such as he did that day, then the intention was there.

“Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that Viren did take his own life.”


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