A local community group has hit out after racist graffiti was painted at the entrance to Small Heath Park off Waverley Road and on the brick wall of a property on Tennyson Road.

Just hours before it was discovered on Monday 30 April more racist graffiti was spotted in Digby Park, off Somerville Road in exactly the same style and colour.

The graffiti on the pillars has been removed.

Naveed Sadiq, from community group, Bearded Broz, has been reporting the incidences to Birmingham City Council.

He said: “It made me feel sick.

“Schoolkids are having to see these racial slurs. Hopefully the people who are doing this will be caught. The majority of people stand against this.

“It’s horrible for the homeowner to have this on his property.

“When it happened on a bus stop on Hobmoor Road last month, kids were asking their moms what the word meant.

“Women are feeling a bit vulnerable because there is someone who has got a lot of hate towards them and they don’t know who they are.”

Mr Sadiq added: “Bearded Broz will stay on top of this. We want the perpetrator to know that the community is looking out for them.”

A spokesperson for Birmingham City Council said, “We deplore this sort of behaviour.

“We always aim to remove offensive graffiti within 24 hours – information on how to request graffiti removal can be found on the Council website.”

The council will remove racist or offensive graffiti within one working day and from homes for free.


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