Kam Lavoi has been in the hair & beauty industry for over 12 yrs and decided to branch out her services to provide skincare, make up and nutrition specialising in vegan, kosher, dairy free, gluten free, soy free and artificial sweetener free AND cruelty free products for Arbonne International. She started using this line just under 5 years ago and absolutely fell in love with everything Arbonne represented. This stemmed the urge to delve deeper into researching cleaner products and how she can help others. For more details on her product line, contact details are Linked In, Facebook, Instagram @ Kam Lavoi Tel: 07950 822 090 

Thought so, here’s a few tips to help you beat the winter blues!!!
  1. Invest in a day cream with extra moisture (more than what you would usually have) with SPF… Although there’s not much sun, there is still pollution in the environment so protection is key! Extra moisture creams tend to be thicker in consistency but a good quality brand will still glide on easily!
  2. If you don’t already, then try adding a few drops of facial oil into your moisture cream for added hydration.
  3. When choosing a lip balm, opt for a vegan range, reason being, your average lip balm that contains petroleum or animal fat will smear on nicely while indoors but will dry out when in the cold… (ever notice you’re constantly topping up on lip balm? Well that’s why!!!) A good lip conditioner shouldn’t need to be reapplied  over and over again because good ingredients absorb and moisten straight away!!
  4. And finally grab that bottle of facial oil again and add a couple of drops to your foundation!!! You’ll get that dewy youthful glow that you only seem to rock during the summer months and your friends will be dying to know your secret!!!

So that’s me done for December!! Will be back in January talking acne breakouts!!!

If you have any questions, queries or would like general advise please feel free to give me a shout!!!

Ciao beautiful people!!!


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