Kam Lavoi has been in the hair & beauty industry for over 12 yrs and decided to branch out her services to provide skincare, make up and nutrition specialising in vegan, kosher, dairy free, gluten free, soy free and artificial sweetener free AND cruelty free products for Arbonne International. She started using this line just under 5 years ago and absolutely fell in love with everything Arbonne represented. This stemmed the urge to delve deeper into researching cleaner products and how she can help others. For more details on her product line, contact details are Linked In, Facebook, Instagram @ Kam Lavoi Tel: 07950 822 090 

So in just a few bullet points let me tell you how…

Ask yourself what are you having for breakfast? Cereal? Cup of tea and a toast? A bowl of fruit? A breakfast bar on the go? Well that might be the reason you can’t shift that pesky tyre around your waist! Oh dear lord that middle bit!

So here’s how it works, your hormones crave goodness the moment you wake up, by consuming carbs, refined sugar and caffeine you are pretty much setting yourself up for failure… You will be playing catch up all day and cravings will rule your life… That includes the bowl of fruit, oh yes people, that bowl of morning fruit hasn’t been the greatest idea…

The science… When all that sugar and carb goes into your body first thing you release a hormone called insulin, when insulin is released into your bloodstream, that then acts as a fat storage hormone!!! Bet you didn’t know that, it’s ok, I hear you screeching “what’s the alternative???!!!”

Well, swop your sugary carby breakkie to a decent protein and good fat treat…! Simple as that! Protein and good fat will keep your hormone levels happy, keep you fuller for longer so you’re not craving snacks and will increase your cognitive behaviour too!!!

So that’s it from me for this month!!! Hope you all have a fabulous Christmas

Next Month we talk Detoxing!!!

If you have any questions, queries or just looking for general advice please feel free to get in touch with me!!!

Ciao beautiful people!!!


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