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Photographer and LoveBrum trustee, Jas Sansi brings a dose of all things Birmingham. With an unprecedented love of the city and its unique diverseness, he brings his 6-foot passion to The Asian Today.


The biggest risk of change is the threat of a diminished position following change.

Change has the promise of opportunities and threats. Preparation for all outcomes will determine whether change benefits or buries you. As a photographer, the best example I can offer is Kodak, a brand that once enjoyed the same recognition as Coca Cola. It failed to see the evolution of cameras from film to digital. Change buried this once iconic corporation.

Brexit is potentially the biggest change this generation will experience. My own position as a Remainer risks blinding me to it’s opportunities. The responsibilities of a young family and a small business dictate the luxury of ignoring change is one I cannot afford.

I know change is coming. I just don’t know how much our infrastructure and political systems will shield us from the effects.

Early signs of the latest negotiations suggest Northern Ireland remaining in the customs union. This is an extraordinary development. Different parts of the UK juggling different regulations with its immediate neighbours.

If Northern Ireland gets this, business lobbying group London First will be banging on the door of London Mayor Sadiq Khan and demanding the same deal for the capital.

Here in Birmingham we are part of the West Midlands Combined Authority. Adopting a regulatory system that allows greater alliance with the EU is an opportunity. It’s a shield against the threats primed to rain down on us.

My priorities are protecting those around me, the community in which I operate and the economic survival of the region I call home.

This flavour of Brexit will supercharge the devolution of the UK’s regions. We move from being a United Kingdom of Britain and Northern Ireland to a United States of Britain and Northern Ireland. That’s some change.


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