Apologies from Amir Khan to his Fans “I don’t want to live like this”


Amir Khan apologies to his fans as he states that Faryal Makhdoom “drove” him to partying with brunette Gulbahor Becknazer after “threatening to take his daughter away”

Amir appeared in a video off Snap-chat confirming his plan to divorce Faryal but gave apologies for the footage of him getting cosy with an Instagram star.

Khan apologized to fans as he stated that Faryal Makhdoom “drove” him to partying with the unknown brunette after “threatening to take his daughter away”.


Amir disclosed a video from Snap-chat verifying his plan to divorce Faryal but apologized for the footage of him seen to be close with an Instagram star in the back of a cab in Dubai.

Khan, who ignited a Twitter row with Faryal after publicizing their split on Friday, said: “I was so stressed with all the drama and I let myself go.” He added: “Hi everyone. I just want to apologize for my behavior yesterday, I know it’s something you don’t wanna see but […] Faryal has driven me to do this. “They’ve taken my daughter away from me, she’s in New York. Faryal’s threatening me to never see my daughter again. “I hate drama. She was really nasty to me, ‘I’m not gonna let you see your daughter, I want to finish with you’. “It has just made do what I did yesterday.”

Khan added: “It’s wrong that she’s using all this against me and making herself so look so good and saying to me ‘I’m not gonna let you see your daughter'”.

This comes on the back of material of Amir Khan gigging with the beauty advisor Gulbahor Becknazar, who displays an outstanding closeness to his wife, was shared online.

He was also noticed on the dance floor with Gulbahor within a nightclub. In a recording posted by Miss Becknazar, Khan said: “I’m here with my girl.” She later on posted a video recording saying: “Whatever I posted today on my [Instagram] Story it was all [on] Amir’s behalf and there’s nothing wrong about it.” The boxer’s new friend Miss Becknazar styles herself as an actress and “beauty influencer” on social media.

The recording came after Khan said just yesterday that he was “gutted” about the failure of his marriage and has been not capable of sleep. Amir has also been occupied swapping blows with Makhdoom online, maintaining that she had “moved on quick” and marking Anthony Joseph into the post.

He then added: “Lol moved up in the weight classes lol. “Trust me I ain’t the jealous type. No need to send me pictures of the men your talking to #disgusted. “Left my family and friends for this Faryal. I’m not hurt but another fighter. I’m making it public. You getting the divorce #Golddigger. “Mans like Joshua can have my left overs!” Makhdoom’s account replied to his tweets, but the replies were later on removed when she asserted that she was hacked.

Faryal issued her own account after Friday’s flare-ups. She said: “I am no cheat, that’s not me and never will be. “My account was genuinely hacked and I thought Amir’s was too as he never mentioned a divorce to me and instead went to social media – I was a bit confused. “This is a private matter in my life that’s blown out of proportion and it’s not right for me as a woman nor my little girl.

“I’m not sure where Amir has gotten his information from and whether he was under the influence or what was going through his head when he did this – but clearly as many of you may no I am no cheat that’s not me and never will be (Never ever been a story about me in the past, and never will be).
“From today on wards I will not talk about this matter as it’s my marriage and a very touchy/sensitive matter to me. “You guys can think what you like and we had a lovely time in Dubai for my birthday, I truly believe in bad nazar (evil eye). “Sometimes you do things out of anger not realizing the damage it will cause — and that’s clearly what’s happened here.”

The couple have in the past have been flung into the public eye following a sequence of suspected affairs including Khan. Lately in January a sex tape of Amir was discovered online. The x-rated recording displays him in just a T-shirt and boxer shorts carrying out a sex act on himself whilst in a discussion with a female model when video calling through Skype. It is thought to have been created mere weeks after the former world champ’s wedding to Faryal.

Faryal was said to be “absolutely disgusted” by the film — which has been circulated on a major US porn website. However, they put on a united front throughout an appearance on This Morning.

Amir said on the show: “I love my wife, and I love my family. The marriage is brilliant, it’s going really well. “Everything is fine between us.” While, Faryal added: “It’s just the past that’s coming back to try and bring us down. “But our focus is now the next fight.”


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