Riyadh 'Kingdom Tower at night' Credit BroadArrow at English Wikipedia

Saudi Arabia has revealed plans for an entertainment city on the outer skirts of Riyadh, boasting that it will be 50x the size of Gibraltar, or roughly the same size as Las Vegas.

As well as entertainment, the city complex will feature cultural and sport activities, including a Six Flags park and a safari park. The city comes as part of the Vision 2030 plan that was presented in 2016 by Deputy Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman. The Vision outline plans to diversify the economy and reduce Arabia’s reliance on oil over the next ten years and more.

Authorities say they city will hopefully help city dwellers and visitors to “achieve a healthy and harmonious life, and provide more entertainment, joy and fun.” It will be an estimated 334 sq km (129 sq mile) and is set to be complete by 2022, with no estimates yet on how much it will cost the oil giant nation to finance.

The city, which will be the first of its kind, will see Saudi Arabia strengthen its position as one of the Middle East’s unique and indulgent countries, adding to attractions such as Riyadh, and helping it to rival the United Arab Emirates in terms of cultural commodities.



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