Debenhams Reveals Plans to Sell Hijabs as part of Clothing Selection

Source: Aab Collections Blog

Debenhams has become the first major UK retailer to sell hijabs as part of their clothing line.

The giant seller is set to introduce a new line of Muslim clothing in its flagship Oxford Street branch before filling up its Birmingham Bullring store as well as others nationwide. The line includes headscarves, hijab pins, dresses, tops, jumpsuits, kimono wraps and caps.

Jeanette Whithear, of Debenhams, said: “Adding the high quality fashion range to our product mix enables us to offer collections that are highly relevant in both international markets and to our domestic customers. This is a step closer to creating a product offer that caters for broader customer needs.”

This is a step closer to creating a product offer that caters for broader customer needs.

The clothing line has been made by Aab, which specialise in ‘contemporary modest wear’ for conservative women. The founder of Aab, Nazmin Alim, said: “We started Aab almost a decade ago as a label that redefined modest fashion and one that caters for everyday modern wardrobe staples.

“The partnership with Debenhams opens up some very exciting opportunities for us.”

Debenhams isn’t the first retailer to offer Islamic dress however, as John Lewis sold headscarves as part of its school uniform in 2014 and Marks and Spencers sold burkinis in 2016. Many have praised Debenhams for their inclusiveness, although some have reacted with negativity and have called for a boycott of Debenhams in order to protest tyranny.



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