Police have informed the public that Pakistan began releasing 218 fishermen earlier last week, which would be the second gesture in a month that would hopefully begin to ease the tension between India and Pakistan.

The fishermen were arrested more than a year ago, after being accused of entering Pakistani waters through a border which is in the middle of the dispute, from an area in the Arabian Sea.

In retaliation, India also have been doing the same thing, holding Pakistani fishermen, as their own had been taken. Pakistan are now hoping that the release of their own fishermen would also take place and be returned.

Police superintendent of Karachi, Ali Hassan Setho, has stated, “They are being released by the orders of the federal government. They will go via Lahore,’ referring to the city in Pakistan which is next the border between India and Pakistan.

The release of fishermen has proven to be helpful in improving and relieving the atmosphere between the neighbouring countries, enough for a continuation of talks.

One of the fisherman who had been released has said, ‘I’m very happy that I’ll be reunited with my mother, brothers, sisters and my children. I’m excited to think that very soon I’ll reach there and see their faces.’


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