Carnage as Pregnant Dancer Shot Dead on Stage at Wedding

Kulvinder Kaur. Credit: Caters

A young, pregnant dancer has been killed at a wedding in Bathinda in the Punjab state in Northern India for allegedly refusing to dance with a wedding guest. Kulvinder Kaur was working as a dancer at the wedding of a local politician’s son.

The incident was caught on video by multiple witnesses and shows Kulwinder dancing on stage when a 12-bore double barrel shotgun appears, aimed straight at her, and shoots her in the side of the head.

It has been alleged that the 25 year old, a professional dancer, had refused to dance with the drunken gunman whilst others purport the shooting was accidental and that he had just been shooting in the air as celebration. However Kulvinder’s husband, Rajinder Singh told NDTV: “They had been asking her to get off the stage and join them… but she refused… so they shot her.’

As soon as she is shot, a small crowd forms around the dancer as men scream to get her off stage. Videos have surfaced showing the young woman being dragged off stage, a long trail of blood following her. Other videos show her lying crumpled as men stand around her, party lights still flashing in the background as the wedding continued. It was only after the wedding was over that an ambulance was called.

Kulvinder’s husband, Rajinder Singh, who was present on the stage the moment she was killed, has said his wife was three months pregnant, a claim doctors have denied.

According to Kulvinder’s family, the police hesitated in attending the case due to the powerful figures and politicians involved in the wedding. Swapan Sharma, Senior Superintendent of Police, said: ‘A case has been registered against four people which includes the owner of the venue, a family member, the person who carried the gun and the shooter.

“The gun is owned by Sanjay Goyal, son of Vijay Goyal, who is a local politician. Sanjay was also present at the crime scene.”

Four people have since been arrested, including the Sikhism-centric political party leader Lucky Goyal and his friend Sanjay Goyal.

The incident has sparked debate regarding the rampant gun culture in India, with music videos being targeted in particular for showcasing guns in a positive light.





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