Warm Up Your House This Winter With These 4 Tips!


Winter is officially here so to keep out the cold, we’ve provided a few suggestions to help keep your house feeling warn and without spending too much money.

 Make use of the sun during the day by keeping your curtains wide open, allowing the sunlight and warmth into the room. It might be minimal, but it will make a difference/ Close the curtains at sunset, keeping in heat and adding another layer of insulation which will come at no extra cost. The thicker the curtain, the better!

 You will need to make sure that no chairs or sofas are covering or blocking the way of any radiators. Many houses fail in his respect and such, spend money for heating that does nothing to warm their house. Rearrange furniture to make sure that any heated objects are able to omit heat freely.

 Thin walls and wooden floorboards might be the cause of cold rooms, which encourages us to turn our central heating high. Avoid this is by making sure that you install 25cm of insulation throughout your loft. This can save you around £120 annually on heating.

 Seal any draughts that may be invading your house. Check around window frames and under doors. You can even buy a draught excluder or make your own if you feel like getting creative using towels, old clothes and a bit of light sewing.


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