ISIS Bomber Smiles as he’s sentenced to 10 Years

Jakartan jailed for role in January bombing

AP Photo/Tatan Syuflana

Dodi Suridi has been sentenced to ten years imprisonment for his role in the January bombing which saw four civilians killed in the worst terror attack to hit Indonesia in ten years. Five terrorists were killed by police and forty arrested.

Dodi altered gas canisters to help make a bombs for IS used, and accepted the court’s verdict as “the risk of being a terrorist.” Judge Achmad Fauzi said he had “disturbed the community and shaken the life of our nation.”

Dodi was captured by photographers in court smiling and holding up his index finger, the gesture of ISIS. Ali Hamka, 48, made the same gesture whilst smiling in court as he too was sentenced for breaking anti-terror laws and trying to gain arms and ammunitions for ISIS.

Dodi was lead out of court and shouted ‘Allahu akbar’ (Arabic for ‘God is great’). On the same day of the court case,  a suspected IS supporter brandishing a machete and alleged pipe bombs attempted to attack police officers before being shot and killed.



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