South Asian Monsoons Kills Over 100, Millions Affected

India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and more hit by massive floods and torrential rain

A landslide in Nepal

A monsoon that swept across South Asia has left hundreds of thousands displaced and over a hundred dead. Nepal has suffered the most deaths yet, with the death toll at 75 due to flooding and landslides. Rescue operations are under way to secure people away from rising waters and destroyed homes. The Nepalese Army has been evacuating people in the hundreds from drowned villages.

The destructive rains, which fall between June and September, are known to kill hundreds across South Asia every year. Flash floods have killed 22 in Pakistan.

In Bihar, India, 22 are thought to have died and over 1.5 million injured and affected. Disaster response teams are in effect, moving people to safer sites and shelter homes. Assam has seen 1.6 million people displaced and 16 killed. More than 100,000 shelter homes and 472 relief camps have been set up.

Multiple rivers have burst their banks, including the Brahmaputra. Huge swathes of farmland and roads have been submerged.  

Wildlife officials have managed to save three baby rhinos from a national park swamped by flooding.

Bangladesh has suffered severe damage in Kurigram and Jamalpur. 1.5 million have been affected, the majority in Kurigram. 11 have died.


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