Indian Author and Activist Mahasweta Devi Dies

The influential writer died aged 90 from cardiac arrest

Mahasweta Devi

Mahasweta Devi was hospitalised early July in Kolkata and has now passed away from cardiac arrest and multiple organ failure. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is one of many to pay their respects to her.

The Indian author wrote about the oppression of the lower caste and certain tribes people in India, launching her name as writer and activist of the people. Her speech at the Jaipur Literary Festival is one of her most famous, where she advocated for all peoples ‘right to dream.’ Devi was known for her staunch political beliefs and avocation for equality and fairness.

Some of Devi’s best known works include the best-selling Breast Stories which has been translated into English and is even studied in universities.

Thousands poured their support and praise for Devi over twitter after her passing.

Publisher Urvashi Bhutalia said to the BBC “I would remember her as one of the most important writers in India because of the subjects she chose and remained faithful to them.

“Her writing was a political battle for the downtrodden and she never compromised on her ideas. She was a very kind human being.”



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