“Lives Not Knives”


Knife Surrender Bin Launched at Green Lane Masjid

Following the continued development of the Communities Working Together initiative and the launch of a New Knife Surrender Bin in Handsworth, a further New Knife Surrender Bin has been unveiled.  The bin, outside Small Heath’s Green Lane Masjid marks a total of 9 in Birmingham and 11 in the West Midlands to date.

Community Activist Desmond Jaddoo of Birmingham Empowerment Forum who arranged for the new Knife Surrender Bin says: “This is just continuing the “Live not Knives” initiative with all communities working together and taking responsibility for making our streets safer for our neighbours, families especially our children in the ever changing face of Birmingham.”

Amer Ijaz Centre Manager said, “Green Lane Masjid and Community Centre believes that it is for each of us to take responsibility for the society in which we live.  It is with this in mind that we have joined forces with the Birmingham Empowerment Forum on the Live not Knives project.  This initiative will empower individuals and groups to break out of a cycle of violent crime by joining this knife surrender in a trusted location.  God willing, such initiatives will pave the way for a new start for those previously involved in crime and will make our communities a safer place for everybody.”

Deputy Police & Crime Commissioner Yvonne Mosquito added, “One life taken by the use of a knife is one life too many. This is a community-led project in which local people have taken a big step to get knives off our streets. For this knife surrender campaign to succeed we all need to encourage the whole community to get behind it and once and for all say no to violence. I fully support this initiative and would like to thank all those who have worked so hard to bring this about.”

Detective Inspector Nick Dale, West Midlands Police’s lead for knife crime, concluded, “Knife crime continues to fall in the West Midlands despite a slight increase nationally. However, people’s lives are still affected by knife crime every day so we cannot afford to be complacent. Community initiatives like this are extremely important in the fight against knife crime.”


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