Foji Sentenced to Five Years in Jail


Bhangra Star Caught Up in Money Laundering Scheme

Singer Foji Gill has been sentenced to five years in jail for his part in a money laundering scheme. Real name Manjit Singh, the Birmingham-based singer was jailed at Birmingham Crown Court along with two other defendants. He was also told that he could not practice as a business director for seven years. Reports suggest that the initial figure of money being laundered was around £35 million, however, he was said to be involved with £2 million.


Rumours were swirling last week how he was caught up in a money laundering scheme. Website, DesiBlitz first reported on the news after speaking to Mr Singh’s recording label, VIP Records. The website stated, “Upon speaking to Viper Kumar, Managing Director at VIP Records, DESIblitz has found out that Foji is currently standing trial and has been remanded in custody.


There has been no appeal after sentencing was given.


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