New British Drama Airing on Community Channel About the Trials of Youth

Community Channel’s first ever drama, largely financed through a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, PREMature is a graphic and emotional series that looks at the challenges young people face.

The first episode in a gripping coming of age drama, PREMature follows the life of a troubled teenager, Prem, as he struggles to cope following the death of his grandmother and traumatic divorce of his parents.

Set in Greater West London, this potent and graphic ensemble series, sees a teenager attempt to carve his own path to manhood, as both he and those around him venture in to the light and dark sides of life.

With turbulence in all parts of his life coming to a head, high school loner Prem is about to discover some harsh realities of growing up. Prem will see that he’s the underdog about to find out what it takes to truly mature in a life that’s already given him the middle finger.

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