Navin Kundra Presents ‘Jind’


A Song Based On A True Love Story

After delivering a series of successful love songs like ‘Tere Liye’, ‘Tukde Tukde’, ‘Aaja’, ‘Forever’ and most recently his Hindi Mix cover of John Legend’s ‘All Of Me’, award-winning singer,  Navin Kundra is preparing to release his new love song ‘Jind (Love is Life)’ in time for Valentine’s day.  

“Jind is based on a true love story that I just had to immortalise in a song.  The lyrics tell that story,” revealed Navin.  

‘Jind’ is a rich acoustic masterpiece with a Spanish influence that pulls on your heart strings from the outset. The song is co-produced by Ramzi (of ‘Love is Blind’ fame) who has also played guitar on the track along with Paul Sampson, and features stunning Cello pieces by internationally acclaimed musician, Alison Gabrielle.

“The song is about how that one special person completes you. Everything about it is so deep and honest and I think anyone who’s ever been in love can relate to it,” said Navin.  Talking about the recording experience, he reminisced, “I went into the studio with a guitarist and a cellist and we just played our hearts out.  There were several moments during the recording session where the hairs on the back of my neck stood up because the music was so haunting.”   

Navin’s velvet vocals shine in this song and when he hits the soaring high note in the song’s climax, it’s a truly striking moment. Showcasing his versatility in hit dance songs like ‘Shudaayi’, ‘PA NA NA’ and ‘Dangerous’, Navin’s new release ‘Jind’ is a refreshing return to the romance genre which is sure to be the ‘first dance’ wedding song of the year.

“I highly recommend that you buy this song for the person you love most…it really is a gift of love for life, and I believe that love is life” – Navin Kundra.

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