Akshay Kumar’s Explosive ‘Baby’


Trailer for Akshay Kumar’s super hit ‘Baby’ to be released!

Expectations of ‘Baby’ have been high among the Akshay fan base in recent weeks. ‘Waiting for Baby Trailer’  trended for a record two weeks on Twitter and it seems that despite the ‘Baby’ teaser going viral on the 20th November, their hunger for a new Akshay Kumar film has not been satisfied yet. The fans’ patience has been rewarded however, with the full trailer for ‘Baby’ finally being launched this December.

Akshay tweeted before the eagerly awaited launch with a new poster for ‘Baby’ captioned “Only for you! Check out the new #Baby look before the world sees.


So far, very little film footage has been released, with the 20 second teaser video only showing behind the scenes footage and action stunts from the film. The short clip shows scenes of Akshay abseiling down walls, running through the desert and leaping from colossal explosions!


‘Baby’ sees Akshay reunited with director Neeraj Pandey, who teamed up on the critically-acclaimed film ‘Special 26’, Baby’s producer Bhushan Kumar has recently applauded their chemistry and has likened the pair to the award-winning Hollywood duo, Leonardo Di Caprio and Martin Scorcese.

Baby will be hitting screens worldwide on 23rd January 2015.


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