A Brother’s Seeks the Truth


Anni Dewani’s heartbroken brother demands justice for his sister

The family of the late Anni Dewani have pleaded with Shrien Dewani to “tell the world what happened the night she died” as the case looks to soon come to a close.

Tensions between the accused husband and Hindocha family came to a head at a press conference in South Africa, when Anni’s brother Anish Hindocha implored Shrien to take the witness stand and finally tell the whole story.

Anni was killed in a car-jacking incident whilst travelling in a taxi with her husband Shrien, he has since been accused of arranging his wife’s murder to escape the marriage.

The family’s statement comes as the judge is to decide whether to throw the case out, this is after the defence’s claims that the prosecution’s arguments were weak, inconsistent and based on unreliable witnesses. If the judge accepts these claims then Shrien will return to the UK without giving evidence.

In a statement, Anish said, “It would be a terrible development in what has been a four-year wait if we and the people of South Africa are not afforded the full story.

“If they are not given the full facts, and by that I mean Shrien Dewani telling the court his version, then Anni’s death will remain on the conscience of South Africa forever.”

Reportedly the case against Dewani may be thrown out before the defence can begin their case, as such the trail has been plagued by delays caused by sickness, witness availability and legal wrangling.

But the Hindochas family are confident the trial will continue, Anish added, “I fully expect the South African trial against Shrien Dewani to continue on December 8 and for his application to end the case to be dismissed.

“Shrien Dewani has insisted all along that he would clear his name and his legal team have promised the court since the trial began dozens of times that he would help the court with his own version of events.

“The phrase ‘my client will tell the court’ has become like a mantra to the judge, media and members of the public who have attended the Western Cape High Court.

“Well, let’s have him tell the court, then. That has been his pledge throughout the trial.

“It would be wrong for him to walk away from South Africa without explaining himself what happened on the night of Anni’s murder in this country.”

Anish and his family have expressed their gratitude for the support they have received around the world, but said that not hearing from Shrien would mean, “a lifetime of further torture for me and my family, particularly my parents”.

He said, “Please allow us the opportunity to demand justice for my sister. Please allow us the full story.

“We don’t want to return to our homes in the UK and Sweden carrying any doubts at all about whether Anni’s murder received a fair and proper hearing in South Africa.

“We have been promised it for four painful years which have devastated our lives.

“My message is simple: Don’t let Shrien Dewani walk away without giving us, South Africa and people all over the world the full story.”

Anni’s parents previously revealed they were unaware that Shrien was bi-sexual and would never have let him marry Anni had they known. Anish said of this, “There have been reports that we as a family are planning to take legal action of our own and sue Shrien Dewani after this murder trial is over. This is not the right time to discuss this and it is something we may consider in the future.”

“However, our motivation is not, and never has been, financial. We just demand the truth. And we do that with heavy hearts after such a long time.”


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