Brit Muslims set for £1 a day challenge


Hundreds set to take Live Below The Line challenge in aid of charity

HUNDREDS of British Muslims will be taking part in the Live Below The Line challenge later this month living on £1 a day for food and drink to raise funds for charity. 

Live Below The Line, which runs from 29 April – 3 May 2013, is being supported by a number of leading community figures including Imam Ajmal Masroor and Muslim chaplain, nutritionist and cookbook author Karimah Bint Dawood who is producing some 33p recipes for the challenge.   

Karimah Bint Dawood who runs well-being charity Karimah’s Cuisina said: “Taking part in this challenge is the only way we can begin to feel what it is like to have to survive on so little and eat the same foods day in day out.  To have such limited choice while others in the developed world are spoilt for choice is a crime against humanity.  I am approaching this challenge from the best nutritional angle possible including an aspect of wildlife foraging! “

Earlier this year a report by the Institute of Mechanical Engineers revealed that we may waste as much as 50% of the food that the world produces, with the UK alone throwing away more than 10billion tonnes of food every year.  This is even more shocking when every 5 seconds a child dies due to malnutrition. 

By spending no more than £1 a day for food and drink – the extreme poverty threshold beneath which 1.4 billion people have to provide for all their needs – Live Below The Line aims to help participants better understand poverty and hunger and encourages people to make long-term changes to their own lifestyle choices so they eat more responsibly and ethically in the future. 

Saif Ahmad, MADE in Europe’s CEO, who will be taking part in the challenge said:  “Live Below The Line is a unique opportunity to get a glimpse into the experiences of the hungry.  Our Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, taught us that we are not believers if we let our neighbours go hungry while we have enough to eat.  I want to see the Muslim community at the forefront of the fight to end global hunger.”

Live Below The Line takes place from 29 April – 3 May 2013. To sign up for the challenge visit:


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