Great British Bhangra Design!


Bhangra dancer transforms costume for Diamond Jubilee celebrations

AN Indian dance artist is making sure he looks the part when he takes part in the Diamond Jubilee celebrations!

Sohan Kailey, head of Aashiyana Arts, has had his very own custom Bhangra dance costume designed in the Union Jack colours.

The Wolverhampton born artist who now lives in Solihull will perform at various Diamond Jubilee celebrations this summer.

And he came up with a novel way of celebrating the Queen’s 60 year reign.

“I wanted my very own Bhangra costume designed in the flag of Great Britain,” Sohan told The Asian Today.

“My hometown of Wolverhampton has given me Bhangra. This is a way of giving back, to the community, celebrating our diversity and getting involved in these events is very exciting and rewarding.

“This is a first for a Punjabi Bhangra costume to have been designed in this way.”

The dancer decided to wear the custom made costume to dance classes he heads to gage public reaction.

And he admits he was pleasantly surprised at the reaction.

“Its already turning heads wherever I perform!,” he says.

“It reminds me of that dress that Elizabeth Hurely wore designed by Italian designer Gianni Versace!”

Sohan didn’t have to travel far in search for the material for his costume – he managed to grab it from Birmingham’s iconic Bullring market!

Sohan adds: “Usually the Bhangra costumes come from India, however this time I wanted something that was Made in England.

“Luckily I found this material at Birmingham Bullring market and snapped it up straight away.”

The costume was designed by Mrs Shakuntla Pun who admitted she was intrigued when Sohan visited her with the Union Jack fabric.

“When he brought the material I thought, what is he up to now?,” she said.

“I found it very interesting and refreshing to be designing something new. I could see how excited he was.”

Father of two, Sohan works as a full time Indian dance artist and provides workshops throughout schools, community settings and corporate establishments.

He will be performing at various events throughout the West Midlands celebrating Jubilee, Easter and Olympics dance events.


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