Faith healer ‘fraudsters’ targeting Leeds families


Police warning to Asian community

TWO men purporting to be faith healers are targeting Asian families in Leeds, police have revealed.

The men struck twice on 8 July telling homeowners they could help lift black magic affecting their homes.

Police are asking residents to be on their guard.

The first reported incident occurred on Friday 8 July on Grange Avenue, Chapeltown, when two men, who initially said they were collecting for charity, went on to claim the householder was ill and black magic was affecting his home.

After giving the men £15 for their charity they refused to leave the house and asked if they could shelter inside while it rained.

The men then continued to speak to the complainant and his family about how they could help lift the black magic affecting his home.

A short time later the men demanded £501 pounds for the service they provided. The complainant explained that he did not have that kind of money and was told by the men they ‘felt’ there was money in the house.

The man eventually handed over £150 pounds from a savings box and was told by the men they would return as the black magic would not be fully lifted from the house until the balance of the money was paid.

Police also understand another similar incident took place on a nearby street on the same day in which the men were also given £15 for their charity. The householder refused to let the men into the property but described their attempts to gain access as insistent.

Both men are described as been in their mid to late thirties, one is thought to be slim while the other is thought to be slightly overweight. They were both smartly dressed, had full beards, and were wearing black turbans.

They also both spoke in Punjabi and had a good knowledge of Islamic teachings. In both incidents the men enquired about other Asian families living in the nearby area.

Police would like to hear from anyone with information about the two men or who may have been targeted by them in the past.

Inspector Matthew Davison, who leads the Chapel Allerton Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “The tactics employed by these men are concerning given the targeted way they appear to be approaching local Asian families and the pressure they are then placing on them.

“My advice to any householder encountering someone on their doorstep is always the same; ensure your back door is locked before answering your front door, if you do have a security chain please leave it on when you answer the door, and if you feel under pressure in any way, please call the police on: 0845 60 60 606.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Chapel Allerton Neighbourhood Policing Team via: 0845 60 60 606.


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