‘Arranged Marriage’ with a twist


LaurieLorry Theatre bring ‘Sausage and Samosa’ to The Public

A heart-warming interactive theatre production heads to The Public on Friday 20 May, as Ready Steady Cook meets Blind Date in true ‘Bollywood style’.

Sausage and Samosa, by LaurieLorry Theatre, follows the story of Eve, an environmentalist and dry-stone wall expert who, fast becoming a wilting wall flower, seeks drastic measures to find true love.

Tired of dating agencies, she’s replied to lonely hearts in the local paper, borrowed her friend’s dog and taken notes in the supermarket to try and spot a single man’s basket. As a last ditch attempt to find her man she taps into the Asian culture of arranged marriages.  Every effort is made to become the perfect woman. She takes cookery classes, Asian etiquette and dancing lessons – all food for the ultimate blind date and her quest for the perfect man.

As potential suitors are downloaded from Eve’s website during the performance, audience members are invited to vote by raising a sausage or samosa card to help choose her perfect match. 

A touching and engaging one-woman show written and performed by Elaine Pantling, Sausage and Samosa explores the fascinating journey of love. 

The production is suitable for over 14s.

Linda Saunders, Managing Director of The Public said,

“Sausage and Sausage adds to our diverse and engaging theatre programme.  LaurieLorry Theatre Company’s productions are full of witty prose and observations that not only enlighten and entertain but communicate directly with the audience.”

Tickets are priced at £10 and are available from www.thepublic.com or by calling 0121 533 7161.  The performance begins at 7.45pm.


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