Sami Yusuf releases charity single for Pakistan flood victims


Proceeds from ‘Hear Your Call’ to be donated to Save the Children

SINGER Sami Yusuf has released a charity single for the victims of the Pakistan floods.

The single, ‘Hear Your Call’, is available for download from iTunes and the singer’s website with all proceeds going to Save the Children.

Sami, who was raised in the UK and whose albums have sold over seven million copies worldwide, is urging his fans in the UK and abroad to pay attention to the plight of the people who are affected by the devastating floods that have swept across Pakistan.

“This is an enormous disaster and I personally feel we all, as fellow humans, have a responsibility to help the victims in any way we can,” Yusuf said.

“The floods have completely changed many people’s lives and through our actions, we can offer hope. In such times we have to align ourselves with the right organizations to reach out to the affected areas as effectively and urgently as possible.”

He added: “Through Save the Children’s efforts, aid is now reaching the most vulnerable victims in the hardest to reach areas. However, children and their families urgently need more aid, especially as the risk of disease in overcrowded camps increases.”

The floods have devastated large swaths of Pakistan, with more than 1600 people reported to have died and over 20 million people badly affected, including 9 million children, who are at risk of deadly water-borne diseases like diarrhea, dysentery and typhoid.

Save the Children is working in 17 districts in all four provinces of Pakistan that have been severely hit by the floods, helping children and their families survive. So far, the agency has reached 305.000 people through emergency medical care and distribution of tents, shelter kits, hygiene kits, food and other supplies.

Save the Children is urgently calling for more donations to continue our efforts in reaching those who are in urgent need of assistance. 

Matt Wingate, Save the Children’s Senior Emergencies Advisor said: “The consequences of these floods for children is unimaginable. Many children have seen their houses, possessions and loved ones simply swept away. We are enormously grateful to Sami for his generous help – but also that he is urging others to donate to this important cause.” 


Hear Your Call is available to download from iTunes and through


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